Our Firm

Committed to Serving Clients in Our Texas Community

Kelly Welker, an LPL Financial Advisor, founded Wealth Management Group of Texas in 2001. From a young age, Kelly was drawn to the idea of helping people solve problems. With the goal of speaking openly and honestly with individuals and families regarding the often sensitive subject of finances, she pursued a career in the financial services industry.

Since then, she has helped a number of families pursue their goals and dreams for retirement. She believes that every client deserves the finest financial planning available; she spends significant time furthering her financial education so her clients may benefit from the latest tools and investments available.

Today, with nearly two decades of experience, Kelly’s commitment to helping others remains at the forefront of her mission. The objective of Renaissance Wealth Management Group of Texas is to offer impeccable service, treating clients like family and responding to their calls and requests in a timely manner. The team takes pride in the close relationships they build with clients and strive to work with them for the long-term.